The Scramble Show Reports
Beauvechain 2001

Date: 29 June 2001

Made by: Scramble, Dirk Geerts


A61			SA318C		SLV
AT01, AT12, AT27, AT33	Alpha Jet E	1w
AT26*			Alpha Jet E	1w, demo c/s
FA53			F16A(R)		2w/nb
FA82			F16AM		nb
FA115/FS		F16A		2w
FB02			F16B		nn
H45			A109HA		17BnHATk
MT14			CM170		7sm, spec c/s
MT37			CM170		7sm
ST16, ST18, ST19	SF260M		5sm
ST20, ST25, ST31	SF260M		5sm
ST22			SF260M		5sm, demo c/s
ST23			SF260M		5sm, yellow c/s
ST34			SF260M		5sm, white c/s
ST36			SF260M		5sm, spec c/s
ST41, ST42*, ST46	SF260D		5sm
ST44*, ST48*		SF260D		5sm, yellow c/s
ST47			SF260D		5sm
* = also flying

ST26			SF260M		5sm
ST40			SF260D		5sm, yellow c/s

RS04			Sea King Mk48	40sm
Other aircraft that were flying were six Alpha Jet, four
Magisters, a Hercules and a HS748.

FX69			F104G		wfu
ID16/JE-P		Hunter F4	dumped, as "IF-83"
ID26/OV-K		Hunter F4	dumped
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