The Scramble Show Reports
Beauvechain 2009

Date: 20/21 July 2009

Made by: Scramble


AT10  			Alpha Jet 1B+  	11sm    
MT35                    CM170  		stored          
FA18                    F-16A  		nn  (inside hangar)
FA55                    F-16A  		travel exhibit  
FA97/FS  		F-16AM  	2W 
FX04  			F-104G  	preserved           
PL76                    G.102  		Air Cadets  (shelter)
ST11                    SF260M  	std                 
ST30                    SF260M+  	5sm                
ST40                    SF260D  	5sm                 
H16  			A109BA  	travel exhibit
H24                     A109BA  	17sqMRH       
A61                     SA318C  	Wing Heli     
2433  			L-39ZA  	222 tl
6069  			L-159T1  	212 tl 
090/ZF  		EMB121AN  	EAT00.319
69/315-WL, 99/315-XP  	TB30  		EPAA00.315
118/315-YI  		TB30  		EPAA00.315
1690/BDE  		SA341F  	EAALAT
F-GUKP  		G120A  		E-CATS
407  			An-26   	MH 59.Sz.D.R 
119  			L-39ZO  	2 VS/MH 59.Sz.D.R
MM55064/61-130  	MB339CD  	212°Gr
MM55126/70-35  		SF260EA  	207°Gr
MM55127/70-36  		SF260EA  	207°Gr
L-01  			PC-7  		131EMVOsq
J-4077  		Hunter F58  	std
A-103, A-104  		PC-21  		Pilotenrekruteshule
ZF210/210, ZF289/289  	Tucano T1  	1 FTS
G-AOJR  		Chipmunk T10  	ex WB756
OO-SPG "OL-L47"  	L-18C  		ex KLU R-53
OO-GWA  		SV-4C  		ex BAF V66
RA-1453K  		Yak-52  	private
A  large  amount  of  aircraft  were  decorated  with  celebration 
marking and colours, here is a overview list of the aircraft:
FA55   30 years F-16 markings
ST30   300.000 hrs markings
ST40   40 years 5sm markings
2433   40 years markings
L-01   750.000 hrs markings
ZF210  90 years 1 FTS markings

Parked on apron near Hangar 2:
AT06, AT11, AT12, AT13  Alpha Jet 1B+  	11sm
AT24, AT30, AT32  	Alpha Jet 1B+  	11sm

Parked inside Hangar 2:
AT23, AT25  		Alpha Jet 1B+  	11sm

Parked on eastern apron near Hangar 11:
070/ZC  		EMB121AN  	EAT00.319
084/YH, 096/YN, 101/YR  EMB121AA  	EAT00.319

Parked on western apron near Hangar 11:
F-GPCJ  		CM170  		ex FAF 369

Cartouche Dorée/EPAA00.315, TB30:
101/F-SEXR/1, 102/F-SEXS/2, 104/F-SEXU/3, 141/F-SEZF/4

Parked inside Hangar 11:
OO-LUK  		SV-4C  		ex BAF V41

Parked inside shelter north side:
A-102, A-105  		PC-21  		PRS 

Parked in north-western area:
2601  			L-410UVP-E  	242 tsl / 24 zDL

Flying from QRA-area for fly-by:
ST02, ST03, ST04, ST06  SF260M+  	5sm
ST12, ST16, ST17, ST18  SF260M+  	5sm
ST22, ST23, ST24, ST25  SF260M+  	5sm 
ST26, ST27, ST34, ST35  SF260M+  	5sm
ST36  			SF260M+  	5sm
ST41, ST42, ST44, ST45  SF260D  	5sm
ST48  			SF260D  	5sm 

RS04  			Sea King Mk48 	40sm

Preserved near Marchetti Hangar:
ST14  			SF260M  	on pole

Preserved at 1 W Historic Center:
A46  			SA318C  	pres
BR10  			Mirage 5BR  	pres
EG79 "EG-80/SV-J"  	Meteor F8  	pres 
FR32  			RF-84F  	pres
FT24  			T-33A  		pres 
24+29  			MiG-21bis  	pres
Fences around the aircraft made the static hard to photograph. 
A nice touch in the show was the "40" made out of 20 SF260s.
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