The Scramble Show Reports
Kleine-Brogel 1991

Date: 1 September 1991

Made by:

Updated: 3 June 2004

188769		CF-188		409sq
188927		CF-188B		409sq
AR-111		RF35		Esk729
E-184		F-16A		Esk723
ET-614		F-16B		Esk727
T-410		T-17		Karup SF
1621		HFB320		JBG32
3508, 3526	RF-4E		AG52
4396, 4422	Tornado IDS	JBG31
4457, 4481	Tornado IDS	JBG32
4568		Tornado IDS	MFG2
4610		Tornado IDS	MFG1
4127		Alpha Jet A	JBG43
XX894/O		Buccaneer S2B	12sq
WJ633/EF	Canberra T17A	360sq
XX172/172	Hawk T1		4FTS
XW430/77	Jet Provost T5A	1FTS
XT892/J		Phantom FGR2	74sq
J-004		F-16A		313sq
J-064		F-16B		315sq
J-136, J-143	F-16A		314sq
J-243		F-16A		322sq
J-255		F-16A		323sq
J-619, J-623	F-16A		311sq
J-647		F-16A		306sq
J-864		F-16A		312sq
L-04		PC-7		EMVO
664		F-16A		334 skv
692		F-16B		334 skv
5452, 5468	G91R/3		Esq301
C.15-23/15-10	EF-18A		Ala 15
89-0038		F-16C		6 AJÜ
89-0045		F-16D		6 AJÜ
2506		An-26		1 SMDLP
5605		An-24V		3 SMDLP
8072		Su-25K		30 BILP
3237		Su-25UBK	30 BILP
69-7228/SP	F-4G		81st TFS
85-1426/RS	F-16C		526th TFS
85-1464/RS	F-16C		526th TFS
86-0259/SP	F-16C		23rd TFS
68-0049/UH	F-111E		79th TFS
AT12		Alpha Jet E	9w
BA44		Mirage 5BA	8sm
MT37		CM170		33sm
RS03		Sea King Mk48	40sm
ST25		SF260MB		5sm
FA27		F-16A		349sm
FA50		F-16A		350sm
FA60, FA66	F-16A		31sm
FA68, FA72	F-16A		31sm
FA81		F-16A		23sm
FA93		F-16A		23sm
FA91		F-16A		23sm	special c/s
FA94		F-16A		31sm	tiger c/s
FA100		F-16A		2sm
FA101		F-16A		1sm
FB09		F-16B		OCS
FB15		F-16B		B-Flt
FB17		F-16B		10w
A73		Alouette 2	SLV
M3/OT-ZPC	Alouette 3	40sm

Hangar near static:
FA58		F-16A		31sm
FA67		F-16A		23sm/nb
FB20		F-16B		23sm/nb

AT-155		TF35		Esk729
4115		Alpha Jet A	JBG43
1005, 9098	Su-25K		30 BILP
F87/61-ZE	C-160F		ET00.061
32, 43		Super Etendard	14F
C-7		F27-300M	334sq
132		F-5A		336 skv
387		F-5B		336 skv
5460, 5461	G91R/3		Esq 301
C.15-32/15-19	EF-18A		Ala 15
HB-VFB		Lj35A		Suiss gvmt
80-0207/WR	A-10A		92nd TFS
84-0084		C-21A		58th MAS
XV342/342	Buccaneer S2B	237 OCU
XV863/S		Buccaneer S2B	nn	desert c/s
XX497/E		Jetstream T1	6FTS
XW431/A		Jet Provost T5B	6FTS
XW325/E		Jet Provost T5B	6FTS
XV415/O		Phantom FGR2	74sq
XW222/DF	Puma HC1	230sq
ZF244/244	Tucano T1	7FTS
ZF287/287	Tucano T1	7FTS
AT11		Alpha Jet E	9w
BR21		Mirage 5BR	42sm
CH09, CH12	C-130H		20sm
CM01		Falcon 20C	21sm
CS01		BAe748-2A	21sm
MT30		CM170		33sm
A29, A37, A47	Alouette 2	18sm
A45, A65	Alouette 2	18sm
A53		Alouette 2	Rijkswacht
B07/LG		BN-2A		SLV
LX-DKT		C-47A		Legend Air

Alpha Jets E of the Patrouille de France:
E19/3, E25/4, E36/0, E49/8, E51/5, E92/7
E107/9, E155/1, E156/6, E171/2

MB339As of the Frecce Tricolori:
MM54445/8, MM54473/4, MM54475/3, MM54478/7,
MM54479/1, MM54480/0, MM54482/5, MM54483/10,
MM54484/12, MM54486/2, MM54536/9, MM54551/6

CAP231s of March Verte:
CN-ABD/04, CN-ABF/06, CN-ABJ/07, CN-ABK/08

Hunter F58s of the Patrouille Suisse:
J-4021, J-4022, J-4023, J-4026, J-4027, J-4029, J-4032

And the Thunderbirds with F-16As coded 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

Decoys and others:
FS17/DMB	F-84G
FU66/RA-T	F-84F
FU145/Z6-E	F-84F
FU188/8S-N	F-84F
FX86		F-104G
58-0322/ZR	F-101B
54-21261	T-33		N33VC
MH434/CK-D	Spitfire HF9B	G-ASJV
V-41		SV-4B		OO-LUK
E-1		S11		OO-PCH
N2965S 		SNJ-5 		c/n 88-14713
OO-VPJ		Do27
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