The Scramble Show Reports
Hechtel-Sanicole 1993

Date: 1 August 1993

Made by: Ronny Jansen


Lynx           XZ665            AAC
Bulldog        XX689/3          CFS
Mi-8T          9412             MFGH

Extra-300      JY-RNC           Royal Jordanian Falcons
Extra-300      JY-RNA           Royal Jordanian Falcons
Extra-300      JY-RND           Royal Jordanian Falcons
Spitfire       PV202
AN-28          LY-KAB
Let-410        OK-ADR
Sea King       ..               Royal Navy
Gazelle HT3    2x               Royal Navy
Buccaneer S2B  XX885            12 sqn
Hawk T1        XX281/O
Mig 29         9207             11 SLP
L-39           0005
F-27           C-10             334 sqn
Hercules C1    XV197            LTW
Su-26	       ..		nn

And the Red Arrows with the following Hawk T1/T1As:
XX227, XX233, XX237, XX253, XX260, 
XX264, XX266, XX294, XX306, XX308

The Grasshoppers with 5x Alouette 3.

The Toyota Team with 2x Pitts Special.

Patrouille Ecco with 4x PC-7.

And the Team Malev with 3x Aerotriga.
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