The Scramble Show Reports
Avalon 2003

Date: 12-16 February 2003

Made by:


The published list gives a compilation of the aircraft seen on the 12th, 14th and 16th.
105/62-IG		CN235-200M	ET01.062		#
273, 275	        AS532UL		126sq/SingAF             
86-0133/DY	        B-1B	        28th BS          
62-3547		        KC-135R	        133rd ARS NH ANG 
78-0477/ZZ	        F-15C	        44th FS "5AF"    
92-3901/WW	        F-16CJ	        13th FS "35FW"   
160020/QD-020	        KC-130R	        VMGR-152         
A2-703		        UH-1H	        171sq            
A8-514		        F-111G	        6sq              
A9-656		        AP-3C	        11sq             
A17-055		        CA-32	        161sq            
A21-4, A21-51	        F/A-18A	        77sq             
A23-021, A23-040	PC-9/A	        2nd FTS			#       
A25-102			S-70A-9	        5 AvnRegt       
A27-20		        Hawk Mk127	76sq 
N16-239/21	        S King Mk50A	817sq
N24-012/81	        S-70B-2		816sq        
N5043X			Beech 350	for RAAF on delivery
VH-HPZ	                Beech B200C	173sq               
VH-SLD	                Lj35A		Pel-Air target tow          
VH-YCW	                CT/4A		BAE Systems		#           
VH-ZEP	                Strikem. Mk88	ex RNZAF 'NZ6361'	#  
# = not noted on 12th
The Beech 350 was not seen on the 16th and will receive the 
serial A32-343.

NZ7004			C-130H		40sq		14,16        
NZ7272	                B727-22QC	40sq	        12-16
A4-285	                DHC-4A		38sq	        12-16
A8-134	                RF-111C		1sq	        14,16
A8-147	                F-111C		1sq	        12-16
A10-605	                BAe748-228	32sq	        12-16
A27-13, A27-15		Hawk Mk127	76sq	        14   
A27-28			Hawk Mk127	76sq	        14   
N24-002/71		S-70B-2		816sq	        12-16
F-GSTC/3		A300-608ST	Airbus Trnsp.	12-16
N707AR			B707-321B	Omega Air	12-16
VH-EAG '54-0157'	EC-121S		ex USAF		14,16

78-0496/ZZ	        F-15C		67th FS       
78-0539/ZZ	        F-15C	        44th FS       
90-0802/WW	        F-16CJ	        14th FS "35FW"
90-0805/WW	        F-16C	        14th FS "35OG"
162228/MD-02	        EA-6B	        VMAQ-3        
164265/DC-01	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-122      
165794/NJ-120	        F/A-18F	        VFA-122       
165801/NJ-127	        F/A-18F	        VFA-122       
A21-105			F/A-18B	        77sq             
A23-041	                PC-9/A	        2nd FTS          
A27-16	                Hawk Mk127	76sq, special c/s
A27-31	                Hawk Mk127	76sq             
VH-AGJ	                CA-18		ex RAAF 'A68-118'        
VH-AQY	                CT/4A	        ex RAAF 'A19-032'
VH-AUZ	                DH82A	        ex RAAF 'A17-159'
VH-BOB	                CA-18	        ex RAAF 'A68-104'
VH-CJG	                CJ-6A	        private	2232005  
VH-CMB	                Fairchild 24W	ex USAF          
VH-CTK	                CT/4A		ex RAAF 'A19-040'        
VH-DHW	                Chipmunk T10	ex RAF 'WZ856'   
VH-DIE	                MiG-15UTI	ex Russia "15 rd"
VH-HET	                Spitfire HF8	ex RAAF 'A58-602'
VH-HWI	                CA-25		ex RAAF 'A85-460'        
VH-JUC "KH677"		CA-18		ex RAAF A68-105
VH-LJM			DH82A		ex RAAF 'A17-561'        
VH-MBX	                Meteor F8	as RAAF "A77-851"
VH-NAH	                Harvard IIA	ex RNZAF 'NZ1056'
VH-NAW	                T-28B		ex USN '138278'          
VH-OII	                O-2A	        ex USAF '67-21407'
VH-OVO	                SNJ-5B	        ex USMC '112330'  
VH-PTM	                CT/4A	        ex RAAF 'A19-049' 
VH-RSK	                Chipmunk T10	ex RAF 'WB572'   
VH-SFY	                Harvard II	ex RNZAF 'NZ934' 
VH-SHF	                Sea Fury FB11	ex RAF 'WJ232'   
VH-TXN	                AT-16		as RAF "AJ845"           
VH-VAM	                Vampire T35	ex RAAF 'A79-616'
VH-WIR	                CA-16		ex RAAF 'A20-652'        
VH-XAF	                CT/4A		ex RAAF 'A19-052'        
VH-XKA	                Auster AOP9	ex RAF 'XK406'   
VH-XNZ	                Harvard IIA	ex RNZAF 'NZ1024'
VH-XSA	                SNJ-4		ex SAAF '7677'           
VH-XVA	                A-37B		ex USAF 68-10779         
VH-YAV	                Yak-52		ex Russia	9010304  
VH-ZRO "288"		Harvard Mk4	as Japanese Zero
VH-ZSQ			Canberra Mk20	as RAAF "A84-234"
-			TBM-3		ex USN '309'
All operational military aircraft listed above were seen on the three
days, except for the Australian F/A-18B, which was not seen on the 12th.
Most civil aircraft were not noted on the 12th.

And the "Roulettes" with the following PC-9/As:
A23-027    A23-050    A23-052    A23-057
A23-058    A23-063    A23-067

Flightline far side:
NZ4201			P-3K		5sq		16
A2-279, A2-296		UH-1H		171sq		14,16
A2-310, A2-376		UH-1H		171sq		16
A2-915			UH-1H		nn		14
A17-014, A17-051	CA-32		161(R)sq	14,16
A25-201			S-70A-9		nn		12,14
A25-220, A25-221	S-70A-9		5 AvnRegt	14,16
A97-466/66		C-130J-30	37sq		14
F-ZWTI			NH90		NHI		12,14
VH-AES			DC-3C		nn		14,16
VH-FID			Beech D18S	nn		14
VH-FRH '503'		Hunter FGA74A	ex SingAF	14,16

(A7-097)		MB326H		fuselage only, in tent
A9-660			AP-3C		10sq
A84-232			Canberra Mk20	preserved, gate
R6915/PR-U		Spitfire Mk8	Point Cook Museum
VH-BSR			Chipmunk T10	ex RN 'WD374/903'
VH-CPI	                Chipmunk T10	ex RAF 'WP786'   
VH-CTU	                CT/4B		ex RAAF'A19-036'         
VH-DHU	                Chipmunk T10	ex RN 'WK574'    
VH-HFA	                MH1521M		ex France '295'          
VH-HRP	                S-76A		RAAF Rescue              
VH-LQX	                L-19G		ex USAr '51-12001'       
VH-LSJ	                Boeing B75	as USN "110"     
VH-NLR	                L-5		ex USAF '42-99331'       
VH-RPT	                Ryan ST-3	as USAF "552"    
VH-SCB	                Ce305F		ex USAF '51-2476'        
VH-SJC	                DH82A		ex RAAF A17-69           
VH-WFH	                Chipmunk T10	ex RAF 'WB668'   
VH-WJE	                CA-25		ex RAAF 'A85-427'        
VH-XHW	                CT/4A		ex RAAF 'A19-075'        
XJ607? "701"		S Vixen FAW2	Qnslnd Air Museum, nose only
-			DC-3		nose only
-			Auster AOP3	ex RAAF 'A11-1'
Most of the warbirds were only seen on the 16th.
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