The Scramble Show Reports
Amberley 1996

Date: 4/5 May 1996

Made by:


This event was cancelled at extremely short notice, due to heavy rain
and flash flooding in South-East Queensland during the days leading
up to (and including) the weekend of 4/5 May.
The following list, although incomplete, is a record of aircraft that 
were at Amberley on the 3rd and 4th of May:

(Aircraft marked (S) were positioned for Static display, those 
marked (F) on the flightline, and (H) hangared).

A28-8/DU-J         A-20C Boston III 		RAAF Museum (22 Sqn mks)(S)
A65-71/0M-N/VH-CIN C-47B Dakota     		RAAF HF (37 Sqn mks) (F)
A68-118/VH-AGJ     CA-18 Mustang Mk.21          (H)
'A77-271'/(WA880)  Meteor F.8       		Queensland Air Museum (S)
A84-201            Canberra Mk.21       	Gate Guardian (1 [B] OCU mks)
A84-24?            Canberra Mk.20       	Derelict - Far side
A84-?              Canberra MK.20       	Derelict - Far side
A84-?              Canberra Mk.20       	Derelict - Far side
A94-962            CA-27 Sabre Mk.32    	501 Wing (instr a/f,76 Sqn 'Black Panthers' mks) (S)
A97-002            C-130H Hercules 		36 Sqn (Dep 3rd)
A97-171            C-130E Herhules 		37 Sqn ('75th Ann.' decal) (S)
A1-738             Bell 47G-38-1 Sioux      	Museum of Army Flying  (H)
A2-376             UH-1H Iroquois      		Army 171 Sqn (Dep 4th)
A3-55              Mirage IIIO(A)       	501 Wing (instr a/f) (77 Sqn CA) (S)
A4-140             DHC-4A Caribou       	38 Sqn (S)
A4-234             DHC-4A Caribou       	35 Sqn (S)
A8-113             F-111C  			1 Sqn (S)
A8-114             F-111C  			1 Sqn (F)
A8-126             RF-111C 			6 Sqn (F)
A8-130             F-111C  			501 Wing (R3 Service, 6 Sqn mks) (H)
A8-135             F-111C  			1 Sqn (F)
A8-142             F-111C  			1 Sqn (4th only) (S)
A8-143             RF-111C 			6 Sqn (3rd only) (S)
A8-146             RF-111C 			6 Sqn (S)
A8-148             F-111C  			1 Sqn (F)
A8-271             F-111G  			501 Wing (storage) (H)
A8-277             F-111G  			501 Wing (storage) (F)
A8-278             F-111G  			501 Wing (storage) (S)
A8-281             F-111G  			6 Sqn ('75th Ann.' fin marks) (F)
A8-512             F-111G  			501 Wing (R5 service) (H)
A8-514             F-111G  			501 Wing (R5 service) (paint hangar display) (H)
A9-760             P-3C Orion      		10 Sqn ('75th Ann.' nose marks) (S)
A9-?               P-3C Orion      		(F)
A10-602            HS748-228 			32 Sqn (S)
A15-106            CH-47D Chinook 		Army C Sqn/5 Avn Rgt (ex 93-0927) (S)
A20-627            Boeing 707-338C          	33 Sqn (Arr 3rd) (F)
A21-3              F/A-18A Hornet      		3 Sqn ('75th Ann.' fin mks) (S)
A21-11             F/A-18A Hornet      		3 Sqn (F)
A21-13             F/A-18A Hornet      		3 Sqn (F)
A21-47             F/A-18A Hornet      		3 Sqn (F)
A21-52             F/A-18A Hornet      		3 Sqn (F)
A21-53             F/A-18A Hornet      		3 Sqn (F)
A21-54             F/A-18A Hornet      		3 Sqn ('75th Ann.' fin mks) (F)
A23-036            PC-9/A           		CFS 'Roulettes' (S)
A23-041            PC-9/A           		CFS 'Roulettes' ('75th Ann.' decal) (S)
A25-?              S-70A-9 Blackhawk 		Army (38 Sqn ramp) (F)
A26-070            Falcon 900      		34 Sqn
N12-152333/844/VH-NVX S-2G Tracker  		RAN FAAHF (VS816 mks) (F)
N24-003/(8)72      S-70B-2 Seahawk 		RAN HS816 (S)
140103             CP-140 Aurora   		CF 407 Sqn (S)
NZ420?             P-3K Orion      		RNZAF 5 Sqn (F)
NZ6206             A-4K Skyhawk     		RNZAF 2 Sqn (S)
(plus at least two more A-4K/TA-4K hangared)
512                Hunter F.74A (FR.74S ?)	Republic of Singapore AF mks (fuselage only) (S)
943                A-4SU Skyhawk    		Republic of Singapore AF 145 Sqn (S)
958                A-4SU Skyhawk    		Republic of Singapore AF 145 Sqn (S)
XV252              Nimrod MR.2 			RAF 201 Sqn ('80th Ann/25 Years' marks)(S) (Arr 3rd)
ZA147/F            VC-10 K.3   			RAF 101 Sqn (S)
42-86786/F         A-20G Havoc      		USAAF 388 BS/312 BG mks "The Hell'n Pelican II"(S)
43-9401            A-20G Havoc      		ex USAAF 675 BS/417 BG (hulk) (S)
(43-9436)          A-20G Havoc      		ex USAAF mks "Big Nig"
59-1517/ZZ         KC-135R           		USAF 909 ARS/18 Wing (S) "Young Tiger" (nose art)
78-0467/ZZ         F-15C Eagle         		USAF 12 FS/18 Wing (S)
85-0062/DY         B-1B Lancer     		USAF 9 BS/7 Wing "Spit Fire" (nose art) (F)
85-0071/DY         B-1B Lancer     		USAF 9 BS/7 Wing "Uncaged" (nose art) (S)
90-0802/MJ         F-16C Fighting Falcon 	USAF 14 FS/35 FW ('35 FW" titles) (F)
90-0822/MJ         F-16C Fighting Falcon 	USAF 14 FS/35 FW ('35 FW' titles) (F)
VH-EXG             Consolidated PBY-5A (Canso)	RAAF Museum (under restoration by 23 Sqn) (S)
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