The Scramble Show Reports
Sydney harbour 2013
Sydney International Fleet Review 2013
Date: 5 October 2013
140114 CP-140 14Wg  
80 P-3C PUP 28sq/Pakistan Navy  
ZD259/451-DA Lynx HMA8SRU RN  
A9-658, A9-758 AP-3C 11sq  
A9-759 AP-3C 11sq  
A17-014, A17-027 Bell 206B-1 RAArmy  
A17-034, A17-039 Bell 206B-1 RAArmy  
A21-1, A21-2, A21-50 F/A-18A 77sq  
A21-49 F/A-18A 77sq $
A23-062 PC-9 ARDU (camera ship)
A27-04, A27-28, A27-31 Hawk Mk127 76sq  
A27-18 Hawk Mk127 76sq $
A30-06 E-7A 2sq  
A40-003 MRH90 nn  
A40-008 MRH90 RAN  
A40-014 MRH90 RA Army  
A40-019, A40-022 MRH90 RAN  
N22-001/801, N22-015/862 AS350B 723sq  
N22-013, N22-018 AS350B 723sq $
N22-019 AS350B 723sq $
N22-021/821, N22-022/822 AS350B 723sq  
N22-023/823 AS350B 723sq  
N24-008/77, N24-009/78 S70B-2 816sq  
N24-011/80, N24-013/82 S70B-2 816sq  
N49-047, N49-049 Bell 429 RAN  
VH-NVV UH-1C ex N9-3104/898  
Air displays
A9-… AP-3C 11sq  
A21-48 F/A-18A 77sq $
A23-012, A23-052 PC-9/A CFS/Roulettes  
A23-055, A23-058 PC-9/A CFS/Roulettes  
A23-060, A23-061 PC-9/A CFS/Roulettes  
A40-019 MRH90 RAN  
N22-013, N22-018 AS350B 723sq/Sharks $
N22-01 AS350B 723sq/Sharks $
N22-022/822 AS350B 723sq  
N24-001/70, N24-005/74 S70B-2 816sq (carrying flag)
N24-013/82 S70B-2 816sq  
N49-048, N49-049 Bell 429 RAN  
VH-AJG Lj36 Pel Air  
VH-CTK CT-4A ex A19-040  
VH-CTQ CT-4A ex A19-062  
VH-DHM DHC-3    
VH-EAF C-47B ex A65-94  
VH-EAG L-1049F Qantas c/s  
VH-KNS IAI1124 Pel Air  
VH-KNU IAI1124 Pel Air  
VH-MCT CT-4A ex A19-046  
VH-NVV UH-1C ex N9-3104/898  
VH-PBZ PBY-2B-2 ex A24-362  
VH-PHM EC135 NSW Police  
VH-PHX AS355 NSW Police  
VH-PPQ Do328-100 AMSA  
VH-SLA BK117 Westpac Life Saver  
VH-SLF, VH-SLJ Lj36 Pel Air  
VH-SLU BK117 Westpac Life Saver  
VH-SYJ, VH-SYV AW139 NSW Ambulance Service  
VH-VBB DHC-4A ex A4-234  
VH-WCT CT-4A ex A19-039  
VH-WJE CA-25 ex A85-427  
VH-ZCF A109E Care Flight  
The Orion was not read, but it was one of three out of the flypast.
On ships:
9706/Z9-0273 Z9C Chinese Navy  
IN414 SA316B Indian Navy (INS Sahyadri)  
164854/TH-66 SH-60B HSL37 (USS Chosin)  
ZD259/451-DA LynxHMA8SRU RN (also in flypast)  
A40-019 MRH90 RAN  
NZ3602 SH-2G 6sq  
The Australian NH90 landed on the ship after de demo, the RN Lynx was the same one as in the fypast.
Local flights:
VH-KHR EC120B    
VH-SXF Ce208 Sydney Seaplanes  
VH-THJ AS350B    
On 4 October, some displays took place as well (Roulettes & Sharks). Noted on that day were Bell 429 N49-048 and two Army S-70As passing overhead: A25-114 and A25-207. More helicopters were likely present on the many ships involved in the Fleet Review; unfortunately, most ships had their helicopter shelters closed. The helicopters mentioned above were all on the deck during the show.
$ special or anniversary markings, in case of the the AS350s they were carrying “IFR 2013” markings


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