The Scramble Show Reports
Avalon 2013
Avalon The Australian International Airshow
Date: 26 Feb-3 Mar 2013
A9-755 AP-3C 10sq 28-4-2013
A21-48 F/A-18A 77sq/90 yrs mks 27-4-2013
A21-49 F/A-18A 77sq/70 yrs mks 27-4-2013
A23-015 PC-9/A 2 FTS 22-4-2013
A27-01 Hawk Mk127LIF 76sq 25-4-2013
A27-27 Hawk Mk127LIF 76sq 28-4-2013
A27-31, A27-33 Hawk Mk127LIF 76sq 76/79sq mks 25-4-2013
A30-003 B737-7ES 2sq 25-4-2013
A32-350 Beech 350 32sq 70th Ann mks 25-4-2013
A32-675 Beech 350 38sq 26/28
A39-002 KC-30A 33sq 25-4-2013
A39-003 KC-30A 33sq 27/28
A41-206 C-17A 36sq 28-3-2013
A41-210 C-17A 36sq 1
A41-211 C-17A 36sq 25-4-2013
A44-216 F/A-18F 6sq 24-4-2013
A40-013 MRH 90 808sq 27-4-2013
A97-442 C-130J-30 37sq 1
A97-466 C-130J-30 37sq 25-4-2013
A97-468 C-130J-30 37sq 2-3-2013
N24-010/79 S-70B-2 816sq 25-5-2013
066/82-ID CN-235-100M ET00.082 25-4-2013
87-3602 KC-767J 404 Hikotai 25-27
NZ7571 B757-2K2 40s 75th Ann marks 27
220 AS332M 125sq 23-5-2013
272 AS523UL 126sq 23-5-2013
9105, 9110 PC-21 130 Sq 23-5-2013
61-0012/LA B-52H 96th BS 24-4-2013
61-0315/ZZ KC-135R 909 ARS 22-5-2013
90-0824/WW, 92-3894/WW F-16CM 14th FS 22-5-2013
05-5148/HH C-17A 535th AS 3-5-2013
05-5153/HH C-17A 535th AS 24-4-2013
09-4173/FF F-22A 94th FS 22-5-2013
10-4194/FF F-22A 94th FS “94 FS”22-5
F/A-18F of 6sq/1sq mks:
A44-203. A44-204, A44-206, A44-209. A44-211, A44-222
All these Super hornets were from 6sq, although they were carrying 1sq markings. They all stayed from the 24th until the 4th
PC-9/A of the CFS/Roulettes:
A23-046(5), A23-050(3), A23-058(7), A23-059(6)
A23-060(1), A23-061(4), A23-067(2)
The A23-046 stayed until the 5th the rest of them left the 3rd and all were carrying 100 years CFS markings.
Hangar 1:
A84-232 Canberra B20 pres 25-4-2013
Ex military/Warbirds:
VH-AGJ CA Mustang Mk21 ex A68-118    
VH-AGU C-47A ex USAAF 44-76336  
VH-AWA DH82A ex A17-692  
VH-COA DH82A ex A17-759  
VH-CTK CT-4A ex A19-040  
VH-CZB DH94 ex A21-42 “  
VH-CZE/A85-404 CA-25 ex A85-443  
VH-DZJ S.211 ex RSiAF 381  
VH-FTS CA-25 ex A85-439”  
VH-HET/A58-602 Spitfire HF8C ex A58-758  
VH-HFM CA-25 ex A85-440  
VH-IPN CA-27 MK32 ex A94-983  
VH-KOY/A16-211 Hudson Mk4A ex A16-112  
VH-LJM DH82A ex A17-561  
VH-MBX/A77-851 Meteor F8 ex RAF VZ467  
VH-MCT CT-4A ex A19-046”  
VH-MHR CA-13 Boomerang ex A46-122”    
VH-NVV UH-1C ex N9-3104/898  
VH-NZP CT-4A ex A19-077”  
VH-PBZ PBY-6A ex A24-362/OX-V”  
VH-UXX O-1G USAR rd/wh c/s 21922  
VH-VBA DHC-4A ex A4-210”  
VH-VBB DHC-4A ex A4-234”  
VH-YUE Galeb G-2A ex Yugoslav AF 23177  
VH-ZOC P-40N ex New Zealand NZ3215  
Although we received a very comprehensive report of Avalon 2013, unfortunately not all details were know like static or flightlines. Because of this we kept all as one complete report.


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