The Scramble Show Reports
Edinburgh 1988

Date: 22 October 1988

Made by:


A3-101 		Mirage IIIOA 	ARDU
A8-145 		F-111C 		6Sqdn
A7-030 		MB326H 		ARDU
A19-031 	CT4 		ARDU
A19-046 	CT4 		ARDU
A21-366 	F-18A 		3Sqdn
A23-008 	PC-9 		CFS (on loan to ARDU)
A65-95 		C-47 		ARDU
A97-189 	C-130E 		37Sqdn
A2-085 		UH-1H 		5Sqdn
A2-278 		UH-1H 		5Sqdn
A2-455 		UH-1H 		5Sqdn
A2-507 		UH-1H 		5Sqdn
A3-2 		Mirage IIIOA 	ARDU
A3-12		Mirage IIIOA 	ARDU
A3-112 		Mirage IIIOD 	ARDU
A4-204 		DHC-4 		38Sqdn (but 79Sqdn marks)
A4-285 		DHC-4 		38Sqdn 
A7-011 		MB326H CFS 	"Roulettes"
A7-025 		MB326H CFS 	"Roulettes"
A7-027 		MB326H CFS 	"Roulettes"
A7-032 		MB326H CFS 	"Roulettes"
A7-092 		MB326H CFS 	"Roulettes"
A7-097 		MB326H CFS 	"Roulettes"
A8-127 		F-111C 		1Sqdn
A8-135 		F-111C 		1Sqdn
A8-142 		F-111C 		1Sqdn
A8-147 		F-111C 		1Sqdn
A8-146 		F-111C 		6Sqdn
A9-656 		P-3C 		11Sqdn
A9-659 		P-3C 		11Sqdn
A9-660 		P-3C 		11Sqdn
A9-662 		P-3C 		11Sqdn
A9-663 		P-3C 		11Sqdn
A9-751 		P-3C 		10Sqdn
A9-752 		P-3C 		10Sqdn
A9-753 		P-3C 		10Sqdn
A9-756 		P-3C 		10Sqdn
A9-759 		P-3C 		10Sqdn
A15-007 	CH-47C 		12Sqdn
A17-026 	Kiowa 		Army
A22-001 	AS350B 		5Sqdn
A21-9 		F-18A 		3Sqdn
A21-12		F-18A 		3Sqdn
A21-13		F-18A 		3Sqdn
A21-14		F-18A 		3Sqdn
A21-17		F-18A 		3Sqdn
A21-18		F-18A 		3Sqdn
A21-32		F-18A 		3Sqdn
A21-108 	F-18B 		3Sqdn
A25-103 	UH-60A 		9Sqdn
A23-005 	PC-9 		CFS
A14-653 	PC-6B 		Army
A65-86 		C-47 		ARDU
A97-002 	C-130H		36Sqdn
N7-214/824	Wessex HAS31 	723Sqdn
A11-36/VH-BOQ 	Auster
A59-67/SF-F	Ventura
A65-71/VH-CIN 	C-47
A85-401 	Winjeel
A94-983 	Sabre 		75Sqdn
140109 		CP-140 		CAF Comox Wing
140111 		CP-140 		CAF Comox Wing (no marks)
NZ934 		Harvard
NZ4201 		P-3K 		RNZAF 5Sqdn
NZ4205 		P-3K 		RNZAF 5Sqdn
XV234 		Nimrod MR2P 	Kinloss Wing
XV241 		Nimrod MR2P 	Kinloss Wing
XZ689/EB-411	Lynx HAS3 	FAA Edinburgh Flight
A65-78 		C-47 		ARDU
A85-430 	Winjeel
A9-758 		P-3C 		10Sqdn
A9-657 		P-3C 		11Sqdn
A9-755 		P-3C 		10Sqdn
ARDU Hangar:
A3-115 		Mirage IIIOD 	(WFU - ex 77Sqdn)
A7-005 		MB326H 		ARDU
A23-007 	PC-9 		CFS (on loan to ARDU)
A65-94 		C-47 		ARDU
On field:
A9-300 		P-3C 		(fuselage & tail only)
A65-114 	C-47 		ARDU (no engines)
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