The Scramble Show Reports
Zeltweg 2009

Date: 27 June 2009

Made by: Scramble


1117/GG-17  		Saab J105Ö  	3.Düsenstaffel/FIR3 
3C-OK  		        OH-58B  	3.Hub.Staf./FIR1  #     
3E-KU                   SA316B  	2.Hub.Staf./FIR2        
3G-EG                   PC-6/B2H2  	4.Flächenstaffel/FIR1
3H-FG                   PC-7  		Fliegerschule  #          
5D-HN                   AB212  		1/2.Hub.Staf./FIR3       
6M-BC                   S-70A-42  	1.Hub.Staf./FIR1      
7L-WA                   EF2000  	Fl.Regt.2/1-2.St        
8T-CC                   C-130K  	4.Trans.Staf./FIR3      
FA128                   F-16AM  	nmks                    
FA130/FS  	        F-16AM  	2W                      
H40  		        A109BA  	18sqMRH                 
6069  		        L-159T1                 
9819  		        JAS39D                  
E160/314-UH  	        Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314          
30+42  		        EF2000(T)  	JG74                 
44+65  		        Tornado IDS  	AG51               
57+01  		        Do228-212(LM) 	MFG3              
148  		        F-16D  		346 Mira                 
603  		        An-26  		MH 59. Sz.D. REB.        
27 		        MiG-29UB  	MH 59. Sz.D. REB.     
43  		        JAS-39D  	MH 59. Sz.D. REB.      
CMX616  	        M346  		Alenia Aermacchi          
LX-N90446  	        E-3A  		NAEW&CF                   
022  		        C295M  		13.eltr                  
H2-31  		        Bell412SP  	15.HRB               
2311  		        Let 410UVP-E  	14SDoLt           
58-0036/D  	        KC-135R  	351st ARS              
86-0160/LN, 86-0166/LN  F-15C  		493rd FS
D-ICDM  		Alpha Jet  	ex Germany 40+35 
OE-BXB                  EC135  		Polizei             
D-HLTN                  SA365  		Bundespolizei       
HB-RVI                  Hunter T68  	ex Swiss J-4206
# = Special c/s 

Flying from EF2000 sheds:
1110/YJ-10 ,1122/RB-22  Saab J105Ö  	3.Düsenstaffel/FIR3
1129/RI-29  		Saab J105Ö  	3.Düsenstaffel/FIR3
1133/BC-33, 1140/BJ-40  Saab J105Ö  	1.Düsenstaffel/FIR2
7L-WE, 7L-WF  		EF2000  	Fl.Regt.2/1-2.St 
9245  			JAS39C
MM7277  		EF2000  	311°Gruppo RSV
30  			JAS39C  	MH 59. Sz.D. REB

Inside Glass hangar:
7L-WB, 7L-WH  		EF2000  	Fl.Regt.2/1-2.St
7L-WI, 7L-WJ  		EF2000  	Fl.Regt.2/1-2.St

Flightlines near glass hangar:
D-IBDM  		Alpha Jet  	ex Germany 41+30
N11FX  			TAH-1F  	Red Bull
N25Y  			P-38L  		ex USAAF 44-53254
N6123C  		B-25J  		ex USAAF 44-86893
N996DM  		DC-6B  		Red Bull
OE-EAS  		F-4U-4  	ex USN 96995

Hangar 2:
3H-FA, 3H-FB, 3H-FD  	PC-7  		Fliegerschule
3H-FE, 3H-FF, 3H-FK +1  PC-7  		Fliegerschule

Flightline South side:
3E-KN +1  		SA316B  	1/2.Hub.Staf./FIR2
8T-CA  			C-130K  	4.Trans.Staf./FIR3.
6060  			L-159A
MM62217  		C-27J  		311°Gruppo RSV
5302  			L-39CM  	1.SLK

The Polish Team Orlik/2.0SzL PZL130TC-1:
020, 024, 026, 036, 049, 050, 051

Flightline North side:
J-015  			F-16AM  	313sqn 
J-016                   F-16AM  	312sqn
CE01                    ERJ135LR  	21sm
FA116                   F-16AM  	nmks  
FA134                   F-16AM  	nmks  
The F-16s J-015 and FA134 showed their different display col-
ours, although most prefer the Dutch bright orange version.

The famous Turkish stars with their NF-5A/B*-2000:
3013, 3015, 3036, 3055, 3066, 4016*, 4017*

Croatian Wings of Storm/ETZ PC-9M:
054, 055, 056, 058, 065, 066, 068

Patrouille de Suisse, F-5E:
J-3082,   J-3083,   J-3084,   J-3085,   J-3088,   J-3090,   J-3091

Flightline East Side:
OE-CCI  		L-19E  		ex 3A-BI
HB-RVS "J-4015"  	Hunter F.58  	ex Swiss J-4040 
HB-RVU  		Hunter F.58  	ex Swiss J-4086

Grassfield North side:
H01  			A109BA  	18sqMRH
84+41  			CH-53G  	HFWS

1.Hub.Staf./FIR1,   S-70A-42:
6M-BA,   6M-BE,   6M-BF,   6M-BH,   6M-BI

2.Hub.Staf./FIR1   AB206A:
3C-JA,   3C-JC,   3C-JH,   3C-JE,   3C-JJ,   3C-JM

3.Hub.Staf./FIR1   OH-58B:
3C-OB,   3C-OC,   3C-OD,   3C-OE

4.Flächenstaffel/FIR1   PC 6B2-H2:
3G-ED,   3G-EF,   3G-EJ,   3G-EL

Fl.Regt.2/1-2.HS   SA316B:
3E-KC,   3E-KV,   3E-LA,   3E-LC

1/2.Hub.Staf./FIR3  AB 212:
5D-HB,   5D-HG,   5D-HH,   5D-HK,   5D-HL, 
5D-HR,   5D-HQ,   5D-HS,   5D-HW,   5D-HZ
Some of the helicopters were relocated to the SAR area.

Grassfield near East entrance:
3E-KB, 3E-KL  		SE3160  	1.Hub.Staf./FI
3E-KH  			SE3160 		1.Hub.Staf./FI
5D-HI  			AB212  		1/2.Hub.Staf

3A-CO  			L-19A
25  			Saab J35D
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