The Scramble Show Reports
Zeltweg 1997

Date: 21 June 1997

Made by: Scramble


Saab J-29 Tunnan
The Saab J-29, also known as the "Flying barrel" is one of the remarkable aircraft that rolled off the production line of Saab in Sweden. This civil registered SE-DXB flew as 29670/R during its period of active duty in the Swedish air force.

Photo copyright Paul Nann

More pictures of this airshow, see Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery

10                    J35Ö         UbG/1
25                    J35D         i/a
3A-CO                 L19A         FlRg3/3
3F-SR                 Saab 91D     stored
3G-EG                 PC-6/B2-H2   FlRg1/4
3H-FI, 3H-FN          PC-7         FlS
5D-HH                 AB212        FlRg3/1
RI-29                 Saab 105™    JBG
5013/17               L-39ZA       VU030
3809                  F-4F         JG74
4611                  Tornado      MFG2
4645                  Tornado ECR  JBG 32 (tiger c/s)
18                    MiG-21UM     47HRO
5531                  MiG-21bis    47HRO
L9-51/51              PC-9         15 Brigada/Slov.AF
37438/38              JA37         F17
39135/35/G            JAS39        F7
J-3080                F-5E         Patrouille Suisse
87-0351/AV            F-16C        555th FS
88-0550/AV "555 FS"   F-16C        555th FS
160891/AJ-214         F-14A        VF-14
164675/AJ-401         F/A-18C      VFA-87
36034/357 (w)         MiG-29SM     Russian AF
01                    Mirage 2000-5 AMD

Hangar near static:
01, 17, 20, 22, 24    J35Ö         UbG/1
3H-FE, 3H-FF          PC-7         FlS

3C-JG                 AB206A       FlRg1/2
3C-OI                 OH-58B       FlRg1/3
3E-KO                 SA316B       FlRg2/2
4D-BW                 AB204B       FlRg3/2
5D-HW                 AB212        FlRg1/1
H2-34/34              B412EP       15 Brigada/Slov.AF

Heliport near static:
3E-KK                 SA3160       FlRg2/1
3C-JM                 AB206A       FlRg1/2
3C-OD, 3C-OJ          OH-58B       FlRg1/3

3E-KN                 SA316B       FlRg2/2
5D-HX                 AB212        FlRg1/1

Flightline static-side:
3E-KS                 SA.316B      FlRg2/2
5D-HA                 AB212        FlRg3/1
0005                  L-39MS       341vlt
R45/61-MQ             C-160R       ET01.061
15/33-FK              Mirage F1C   EC03.033
90/33-FC              Mirage F1C   EC03.033 (desert)
514/33-FU             Mirage F1B   EC03.033
3779                  F-4F         JG74
4574                  Tornado      MFG2
MM62026               Falcon 50    93øGr
T.19B-11/35-29        CN235EA02    Ala 35
32510/02              J32E         F16M
37413/13              JA37         F17
37349/49              JA37         F17
84001/841             Tp84         F7
36911031513/05        Su-27        Russian Knights
36911031819/15        Su-27        Russian Knights
1041602/20            Su-27UB      Russian Knights
1041608/25            Su-27UB      Russian Knights
D-EJGM                Do27A-1      ex Germany 5613
RA-78776              IL-76MD      224TAP
SE-DXB                J29F         '29670/R'

Farside (east-side):
08                    J35Ö         UbG/1 (spcl mks)
RB-22                 Saab 105Ö    UbG/2
RD-24                 Saab 105Ö
0730                  L-410UVP     32 ZmDK (arr)
0845                  Mi-17        34VK
0813                  Mi-24V-1     4VRP

L-39C's of Biele Albatrossy: 0112/1, 0442/2, 4355/3
0111/5, 0102/6 en L-39ZA 4707/-.

F-5E's of Patrouille Suisse: J-3081, J-3082, J-3086
J-3087, J-3088, J-3090, J-3091

MB339A/PAN's of Frecce Tricolori: MM54478/0,
MM54475/1, MM54551/2, MM54517/3  , MM54500/4,
MM54536/5, MM54473/8, MM54479/10 , MM54485/11 and
codes 7 en 9.

Farside in alert-hangar (east-side):
03, 04, 12            J35Ö         UbG/1

Farside in hangar (east-side):
09                    J35Ö         UbG/1
BD-34, RJ-30          Saab 105Ö    A&E/D
The Saab 105's were placed outside during the afternoon.

3A-BM                 L-19E        UbG
3C-JC, 3C-JD, 3C-JE,  AB206A       FlRg1/2
3C-JI, 3C-JJ          AB206A       FlRg1/2
3C-OC, 3C-OE, 3C-OG,  OH-58B       FlRg1/3
3C-OH, 3C-OJ          OH-58B       FlRg1/3
3E-KA, 3E-KB, 3E-KC,  SA3160       FlRg2/1
3E-KH, 3E-KJ, 3E-KL,  SA3160       FlRg2/1
3E-KM, 3E-KU, 3E-KZ,  SA316B       FlRg2/2
3E-LA                 SA3160       FlRg2/2
3G-EE, 3G-EF, 3G-EH,  PC-6/B2-H2   FlRg1/4
3G-EJ, 3G-EK, 3G-EL,  PC-6/B2-H2   FlRg1/4
3H-FA, 3H-FB, 3H-FC,  PC-7         FlS
3H-FD, 3H-FG, 3H-FH,  PC-7         FlS
3H-FJ, 3H-FK, 3H-FL,  PC-7         FlS
3H-FM, 3H-FO, 3H-FP   PC-7         FlS
4D-BL, 4D-BT, 4D-BZ   AB204B       FlRg3/2
5D-HB, 5D-HC, 5D-HE,  AB212        FlRg3/1
5D-HF, 5D-HG, 5D-HK,  AB212        FlRg3/1
5D-HL, 5D-HN, 5D-HO,  AB212        FlRg1/1
5D-HP, 5D-HS, 5D-HV   AB212        FlRg1/1
5S-TA, 5S-TB          SC-7-3M      FlRg1/4
OE-KCD                Saab 91D     ex Austria 3F-SU
OE-KHO                Saab 91D     ex Austria 3F-SQ
OE-KSD                Saab 91D     ex Austria 3F-SH
OE-KSS                Saab 91D     ex Austria 3F-SV
OE-KSV                Saab 91D     ex Austria 3F-SS
OE-AKA                Fi156C       ex Sweden 3814
OK-JZE                Yak-11                   171511
OK-MGD                Z-226MS
Skyvan 5S-TA performed a para-drop in the morning

06,07,11              J35Ö         UbG/1
13,14,15,18,21,23     J35Ö         UbG/2
GF-16                 Saab 105Ö    JBG/2 (spec c/s)
OE-AFE                PA-18-150    ex Austria 2A-BJ
OE-AFU                PA-18-150    ex Austria 2A-AT
OE-BXK                AS350
The 13, 14, 15 and 21 were flying in the morning. In the
afternoon also a formation of eight Saab 105's made fly-over:
BI-39, GB-12, GD-14, RH-28, YD-04, YF-06, YE-05, YI-09

3A-BB                 Fiat G46-4B  gate-guard

Visitors on 19th:
07, 11                J35Ö         FlRg2/UbG/1   
23                    J35Ö         FlRg2/UbG/2   
0926                  L-410T       Czech AF          	 
2311                  L-410UVP-E   32 ZmDK/Slovak AF 
MM61993/46-07         C-130H       50øGr              
T-781                 Lj35A        AETE               
HB-GII                Beech 200    Swiss AF           

Visitors on 20th:
13, 15, 16, 21        J35Ö         FlRg2/UbG/2 
06, 07, 11            J35Ö         FlRg2/UbG/1 
13, 14, 15, 18        J35Ö         FlRg2/UbG/2 
19, 21                J35Ö         FlRg2/UbG/2 
RA-76479              IL-76TA      Aeroflot         
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