The Scramble Show Reports
Córdoba 2011

Date: 10 August 2011

Made by:


C-901                OA-4AR           G5C
C-909, C-914 +1      A-4AR            G5C
E-044, E-092         Beech B45        EAM
TC-66                C-130H           G1TA
TC-70                KC-130H          G1TA
PG-394               Ce180            CEV
E-112, E-117 + 6     EMB312A          EAM
TC-74                F27-400M         GA2
TC-54                F28-1000         GA1
H-40                 RH500DM          GA7
A-568                IA-58A           G3A
A-582 +3             IA-58D           G3A
T-22                 Lj35A            GA2
PG-448, PG-449 +2    PA-A28-236       INAC
T-33                 Saab 340B        IX BA
E-097                T-34A            CEV
UE-001, UE-002       Yarará
UE-003               Yarará
AE-4..               UH-1H            Ejercito Córdoba
C-111                F-86F            Preserved
E-226                MS760A           Preserved
E-641                T-28A            Preserved
The Escuela Aviacion Militar celebrated its 99th anniversary. Many of the aircraft that performed fly-bys were not identified. 
two Fingers and two Pampas for example. The Yarará is a self-sustained unmanned aerial vehicle, albeit too small to merit inclusion in our database.

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