The Scramble Show Reports
Dubai 2001

Date: 4 November 2001

Made by:

Updated: 1 August 2002

DU-203			A109K2		Dubai Police                     
DU-122	                Bell 407	Dubai Police             
055	                AH-64A		UAEAF                            
149	                AS350B		UAEAF, c/n 3367                     
312	                C-130H-30	UAEAF                    
19/5-OB	                Mirage 2000C	EC02.005		*        
"21-93"	                MiG-21-93	Mikoyan-Gurevich	*
83 rd	                MiG-AT		Mikoyan-Gurevich	*        
595 wt	                Su-27P		Test Pilots Team	*        
597 wt	                Su-30		Test Pilots Team	*        
ZJ100	                Hawk 102D	BAe			*                
ZD470/60		Harrier GR7	4sq			*    
87-0198/MO	        F-15E		391st FS		dep06
86-0264/FM	        F-16C		93rd FS AFRC		dep06
164908/NF-413	        F/A-18C		VFA-195              
A6-EJA			Lj60		nn                               
A6-EMM	                B777-31HER	Emirates                 
A7-HHJ	                A319-133X	Qatar Airways            
C6-TTB	                B737-7AH	Westmound Inv.           
F-WWCA	                A340-642	Airbus Industries	*
HB-CYR, HB-CYW		Ce208		Emarat Link		*        
HZ-KSDB	                Falcon 2000	NetJets Middle East      
HZ-KSRC	                BAe125-800XP	NetJets Middle East      
I-FXRC	                P180		Foxair                           
N26SW	                Ce525		nn                               
N124AA	                Ce208B		nn                               
N145SM	                Ce560XL		Cessna                           
N249AB	                Ce404		nn                               
N255GA	                G.1159C		nn                               
UR-47297		An-24RV	ARP 410 Airlines
ZU-AVJ			Su-29?		nn			arr06
* = also flying

8/5-OA			Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
ZD378/26		Harrier GR7	4sq
501 bl			Su-30MK		nn
De Patrouille de France met de volgende Alpha Jets E:
E120/F-TERG/1,	E73/F-TERW/2,	E128/F-TERN/3,	E41/F-TERA/4,
E153/F-TERM/5,	E.../F-TERL/6,	E135/F-TERX/7,	E160/F-TERC/8,
+ codes 9 and 0
The Red Arrows performed during the first three days of the show
(4-6 November) and the Frecce Tricolori during the second half of
the show week.

Visitors 2nd:
311			L-100-30	UAEAF
752			C-130H		356 MTM
RA-76429		IL-76TD		Russ Min of Interior
RA-76445		IL-76		Atlant-Soyuz
RA-78831, 		RA-78835	IL-76MD	224Rgt/RussianAF
The IL-76s were support for the Russian delegation and could be
seen during the whole week.

Visitors 4th:
P-721			Bell 412EP	UAE Police
553			BAe111-485GB	4sq/Oman AF
84-0099			C-21A		47th AF
65-0983/MY		HC-130P		71st RQS		dep07
A9C-BAH			G.1159C(SP)	Bahrein Gvmt

Visitors 6th:
68-19635		B707-340C	12sq/Pakistan AF
HZ-132			C-130		RSAF/Saudi AL mks
1x			G.1159		RSAF

Visitors 7th:
1602			C-130H		RSAF

Visitors 8th:
1604			C-130H		RSAF
2001			SA565		UAEAF
98-0002			C-32A		1st AS
A9C-HA			Bell 430	Bahrein Gvmt
A6-HHH			G.1159C		Dubai Emiri Flight
A6-HRS			B737-7E0	Dubai Emiri Flight

Visitors 9th:
R12/61-MG		C-160R		ET00.061
XV101			VC10 C1K	10sq
...			AS350B		UAEAF, crew-ferry for 149 (static)

Visitors 10th:
1x			C-135FR		ERV00.093
1x			H-60		USN
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