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Ka-26, Ka-126, Ka-226
Basic typeKa-26
Construction No7706010
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Ka-26CCCP-24308AFL/Lithuania-VNOmfd 21jun77toc 03aug77; rgd 17aug77
Ka-26LY-HAIAir Klaip√ędaVNO 10sep94initially in basic Aeroflot c/s, no titles; involved in an accident 20jul97, but repaired; repainted in silver c/s with blue trim, no titles; f/n as such 19jul04; was the last flying Ka-26 in Lithuania, current jul06; sold to Ukraine oct06, arrived at IEV dec06; CofA expired 06apr07
Ka-26UR-HAIIprivately ownedrgd 05feb07in silver c/s with blue trim, no titles; f/n Gidropark Kiev 10jun07; l/n Dolyna 17jul11; current on register 26apr13, see f/n date below
Ka-26RA-24308Mikhail Kasatkinrgd unknownnot on register aug10; based at Aerograd Mozhaiski; in silver c/s with blue trim, no titles; f/n Kubinka 24aug12; offered for sale 25nov14, with t/t 7,127 hours; l/n active Orlovka 27aug16
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