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Basic typeAn-26
Construction No8405
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
An-26"46" blueSoviet Navymfd 1979
An-26"46" blueRussian NavyKac 16sep96based at Kacha; c/n checked Yevpatoria 24aug97; h/o to Ukraine in 1997 (as 1 of 5 An-26s of the Black Sea Fleet) on the basis of the 1997 Black Sea Fleet Partition Treaty; stored at Yevpatoriya, seen 08apr98/30apr99 (c/n not checked either time)
An-26"05" blueUkrainian MVStrf 1997repainted in white/light grey c/s with yellow/blue cheatline and a wavy Ukrainian flag on the fin; f/n IEV 02jun02; c/n checked IEV 14apr09; stored at ARP-410, seen jun15/aug15; see c/n 0808
An-26"05" blueUkraine Nat.Guardtoc 30dec16in grey c/s with 'Ukraine National Guard' titles in Ukrainian and English and a National Guard crest instead of the roundel on the fuselage; last overhaul completed dec16; f/n IEV 30dec16
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