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Turkish Air Force
Turkish Air Force
Türk Hava Kuvvetleri
The tailart on Turkish F-16s is second to none in Europe in both colour as well as in design. This picture might help in the identification of the units. Thanks to Jaco Haasnoot for supplying most of the pictures.
Photo: Scramble Copyright
Ankara/Etimesgut (LTAD)
Rwy: 11L/29R, 11R/29L
Pos: 39°56'59"N 032°41'19"E
Elev: 2653 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
11nci HUAÜK

211 Filo CN235M-100 (Cargo and Ambulance) Gegzin (Globetrotter)

212 Özel Filo Ce560
Gulfstream IV
Dogan (Hawk)

GES = Genelkurmay Elektronik Sistemler or Joint Staff Electronics Command.

Ankara/Mürted (LTAE)
Rwy: 03/21 (03L/21R)
Pos: 40°04'44"N 032°33'56"E
Elev: 2767 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
4ncu AJÜ

141 Filo Disbanded after failed coup 15jul16
-> Tradition to 151 Filo
Used to operate:
F-16D-50TM (OCU)
Kurt (Wolf) ye/bk

142 Filo Disbanded after failed coup
-> Tradition to 113 Filo
Used to operate:
Ceylan (Gazelle)

143 Filo Disbanded after failed coup
-> Tradition to 153 Filo
Used to operate:
Öncel ye/bk
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI)

TAI Various Aircraft manufacture and overhaul
Due to the coup-attempt, all aircraft of 141 Filo transferred to 151 Filo at Merzifon.

142 Filo operated in the multirole and reconnaissance roles with the DB-110 pods. Due to the coup-attempt, its aircraft and DB-110 systems and recce mission are transferred to 113 Filo at Eskisehir.

The aircraft of 143 Filo transferred to 5 AJÜ at Merzifon and formed a new 153 Filo. 153 Filo will assume to OCU role of 143 as well.

After the July 15, 2016 failed coup, the 4th Main Jet Base at Mürted (then known as Akıncı), has been downgraded to Auxiliary Aerodrome (Yedek Meydan) like Sivrihisar, Akhisar, Muş etc. The new designation is Mürted Hava Meydan Komutanlığı.

Akinci based 142 Filo was the first unit to receive the CFT-equiped F-16 Block 50+. During mid-2015 all frontline units received the type.
Photo: Marco Dijkshoorn
Balikesir (LTBF)
Rwy: 18/36 (18R/36L)
Pos: 39°37'09"N 027°55'33"E
Elev: 340 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
9nci AJÜ

191 Filo F-16C-40TM
Kobra (Cobra)

192 Filo F-16C-40TM
Kaplan (Tiger) ye/bk
Bandirma (LTBG)
Rwy: 18/36 (18R/36L)
Pos: 40°19'05"N 027°58'40"E
Elev: 170 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
6nci AJÜ

161 Filo F-16C-40TM
Yarasa (Bat) wh/bk

162 Filo F-16C-40TM
Zipkin (Harpoon)

6 AJÜ A&KK AS532AL Name?
161 is a LANTIRN squadron and to underline the night strike mission of it, one side of its F-16’s tails are painted with hawk and the other side with a Bat (Yarasa).
6nci AJÜ was reportedly closed down after the 15th July 2016 coup but that remains unconfirmed. 161 Filo is reported as disbanded while 162 Filo reportedly transferred to Incirlik.

Batman (LTCJ)
Rwy: 02/20
Pos: 37°55'45"N 041°06'59"E
Elev: 1822 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
Meydan Harekat Komutanlığı

1nci Insansiz Hava Araçları Filo Unknown UAV

2nci Ordu IHAS Tabur Kom. Bayraktar TB2
Heron 1 "Gozcu 1" UAV
Golge (Shadow)

3ncu Insansiz Hava Araçları Filo Anka UAV

IHA Bakim Komutanligi UAV Maintenance
UAV Overhaul
In late 2017, the Bayraktar TB2 gained Operational Capable status by 2nci IHA Filo.

IHA Bakim Komutanligi = UAV Maintenance Unit

Batman is home to the 14ncü İnsansız Uçak Sistemleri Üs Komutanlığı (14th Unmanned Aircraft Systems Base Command)
125 Filo is one of the units operating the CN235M-100. It was expanded during 2009 after the disbandmend of 203 Filo at Izmir Adnan Menderes.
Photo: Marco Dijkshoorn
Diyarbakir (LTCC)
Rwy: 16/34, 16R/34L
Pos: 37°53'37"N 040°12'02"E
Elev: 2254 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
8nci AJÜ

181 Filo F-16C-40TM
Pars (Leopard)

182 Filo F-16C-40TM
Atmaca (Hawk)

202 Filo CN235M-100
Sark (East)
182 Filo F-16D touches down at Albacete, Spain during Exercise Trident Juncture in November 2015.
Photo: Jens Schymura
Eskisehir (LTBI)
Rwy: 09/27 (09R/27L)
Pos: 39°47'03"N 030°34'56"E
Elev: 2581 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
1nci AJÜ

111 Filo F-4E-2020 Panter (Panter)

113 Filo RF-16C/D Ceylan (Gazelle) (was Isik (Light)) rd/bk

201 A&K Filo CN235M-100
Atak (Audacious)

401 Test Filosu F-16C-30
Rüya (Dream) or

113 Filo F-16C-30TM
Ceylan (Gazelle)
113 Filo was disbanded in April 2014 but was reinstated in 2016, using the F-16C/D with the UTC Aerospace DB-110 pods.
201 Filo got the A&K (Arama ve Kurtarma = Search & Rescue) designation by mid-2016.

401 Filo was formed in early 2014. Its mission is Test & Evaluation of new systems and weapons.

113 Ceylan Filo was formed after the failed Coup on July 15, 2016. It took over the role of 142 Filo and operates the F-16's that can be equipped with the DB-110 Recce pod.

Incirlik (LTAG)
Rwy: 05/23
Pos: 37°00'07"N 035°25'32"E
Elev: 238
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
10nci TÜK

101 Filo KC-135R Asena

152 Filo F-16C-30
Akinci (Raiders) ye/bk

204 A&K Filo AS532AL
152 Filo moved from Merzifon to Incirlik after the 15 July 2016 coup-attempt.
101 Filo is one of the newest Filo's in the Turkish Air Force, operating the KC-135R in the Aerial Refueling role.
Photo: Marco Dijkshoorn
Istanbul/Atatürk (LTBA)
Rwy: 06/24, 18L/36R, 18R/36L
Pos: 40°58'34"N 028°48'50"E
Elev: 158 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
Hava Harp Okulu

5 Filo/Serçe Kol T-41D (Sparrow Flight)

Yesilköy is the miltary part of Istanbul - Atatürk International Airport.
HvHO 5 Filo is the only flying class. The other HvHO classes have no aircraft assigned to them but do have their own patches.
5 Filo uses Yalova, just across the Bosporus as a Forward Operating Base due to the congested airspace around Atatürk IAP.

The T-41D is the second platform that the aspirant pilots of the Turkish Air Force will fly, after being trained on Gliders. The T-41Ds of the Hava Harp Okulu are officially operated out of Istanbul Yesilköy Hava Meydani but have regular camps on Yalova Hava Meydani, just south of Yesilköy.
Photo: Marco Dijkshoorn
Izmir/Kakliç (LTFA)
Çigli West
Rwy: 17/35
Pos: 38°31'01"N 026°58'37"E
Elev: 17 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
2nci JÜUO

123 Baslangiç Filosu SF260D Palaz (Duckling Flt.)

125 Nakliye ve SAR Egitim Filosu UH-1H
Azman (Monstrous)
It is to be expected that the SF260D aircraft will be replaced by the PAC Super Mushshak trainers that were ordered in 2016.

125 Filo took over the transport role of 203 Filo that used to be at Izmir Adnan Menderes. In turn, 125 Filo was tasked with training of CN235, AS532 and UH-1H advanced training and was transferred to Konya-based 135 Filo.
125 Filo has been expanding over the past few years, receiving a number of CN235M-100 transport aircraft, AS532AL heavy lift Cougar helicopters and UH-1H Huey helicopters.
Photo: Marco Dijkshoorn
Izmir/Çigli (LTBL)
Rwy: 17/35 (17L/35R)
Pos: 38°30'47"N 027°00'36"E
Elev: 16 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
2nci JÜUO

121 Tekamül Filosu T-38A
Ari (Bee)

122 Temel Filosu KT-1T Akrep (Scorpion)

124 Öðretmen-Yetiþme Standardize ve Alet Filosu aircraft on loan from 121 & 122 Filolar Standarize (Standardization)
The T-38A's of 121 Filo underwent the "Ari" upgrade at the TAI facilities from 2009 onwards.

The first KAI KT-1T for 122 Filo rolled out of production in 2009, earmarking the end of the T-37 era in TuAF service. The first examples were officially accepted on 15 December 2010. Initially they are operated by 124 Filo for instructor training.

The T-38A fleet is currently undergoing the "Ari" upgrade at TAI, Akinici. After the upgrade the aircraft are designated as T-38M and painted in a different livery.
Photo: Marco Dijkshoorn
Kayseri/Erkilet (LTAU)
Rwy: 07/25 (07L/25R)
Pos: 38°46'13"N 035°29'44"E
Elev: 3463 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
12nci HUAÜ

221 Filo A400M
Esen (Brise)

222 Filo C-130B
Alev (Flame)

223 Filo (wfu) CN235M-100 Kanat (Wing)
223 Filo was disbanded during 2010, the aircraft have been dispersed across the remaining CN235M-100 units.
The C-160D is still soldiering on, pending the delivery of the first Airbus Military A400M.
Photo: Marco Dijkshoorn
Konya (LTAN)
Rwy: 01L/19R, 01R/19L
Pos: 37°58'41"N 032°33'42"E
Elev: 3390 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
3ncu AJEÜ

131 Filo E-7T (B737AEW&C) Ejder (Dragon)

132 Filo F-16C-50
Hançer (Dagger)

133 (Akrotim) Filo NF-5A-2000
Türk Yildizlari (Turkish Stars)

135 Filo AS532AL
Ates (Fire)
132 Filo at Konya transferred its F-4E-2020 to 111 Filo at Eskisehir during 2014. Its mission was changed from Weapons, Tactics & Test to Combat. The TurAF marketing machine Solotürk has moved from Mürted to Konya in July 2016 and is now operating under 132 Filo.

With the disbandment of 133 Filo, Türk Yildizlari/134 Akrotim Filo changed to Türk Yildizlari/133 Filo.

3 AJÜ A&KK was renamed to 135 Filo in 2010.

Malatya/Erhac (LTAT)
Rwy: 03L/21R, 03R/21L
Pos: 38°26'05"N 038°05'26"E
Elev: 2828 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
7nci AJÜ

171 Filo F-35A (o/o) Korsan (Pirates) rd/bk

172 Filo F-35A (o/o) Sahin (Falcon)

7 AJÜ A&KK AS532AL Burak
After 15 July 2016, 171 Filo was disbanded. It's aircraft were transferred to 111 Filo at Eskisehir, which is now the only unit in TurAF operating the F-4E-2020.

The unit will receive the first F-35A in 2018.

172 Filo was disbanded during April 2009, awaiting the F-35 Lightning II.

173 Filo will be or is operating armed UAV's (TIHA, Heron, Preator and Reaper).
Merzifon (LTAP)
Rwy: 05/23 (05L/23R)
Pos: 40°49'44"N 035°31'18"E
Elev: 1783
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
5nci AJÜ

151 Filo F-16C-50TM
Kurt (Wolf) (was Tunç (Bronze)) rd/bk

153 Filo F-16C-30
Öncel ye/bk

5 AJÜ A&KK AS532AL Melek (Angel)
After the July 2015 coup, 151 Filo was named "Fighting Wolves", contrary to Anatolian Wolves that was used before for 141 Filo.
153 Filo was officially erected on 9 November 2016 at Merzifon and it operates the former fleet of 143 Filo. It was formed after the failed coup attempt of 15 July 2016. 153 Filo operates in the OCU role that 143 Filo held previously and will keep the same badge.
Yalova (LTBP)
Rwy: 08/26, 18/36
Pos: 40°41'04"N 029°22'33"E
Elev: 6 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Tail Colour Badge
Hava Harp Okulu

Planör Kampi SZD50-3 Puchacz Marti (Seagull)

5 Filo/Serçe Kol T-41D (det.)
The selection of pilots for the Turkish Air Force is done with the SZD-50-3 Puchacz gliders that are operated by the Hava Harp Okulu Planör Kampi.
Photo: TuAF picture
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