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Pakistan Navy
Pakistan Navy
Pakistan Bharia
Sharea Faisal (OPSF)
PNS Mehran (Karachi)
Rwy: 08/26
Pos: 24°52'29"N 067°07'04"E
Elev: 29 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Naval Air Arm

27 ASW sq F27-200(MPA)

28sq P-3C II Orion

29 ASW sq BAe125-850XP

111 ASW sq Sea King Mk45
Sea King Mk45A
Arabian Sharks

222 ASW sq Z9-EC Stingrays

333 ASW sq SA316

...sq ATR72

...sq Uqab II (UAV)
Maritime Surveillance Flight

93sq BN-2 Defender

No. 93 Squadron has a civilian role and therefore comes under the command of the Director General of the Maritime Security Agency (DGMSA). Shara-e-Faisal is physically the same airfield as PNS Mehran.

Most recent addition to the patrol aircraft fleet of the Pakistani Navy is the ATR-72. These rare birds can sometimes be seen on overhaul at Monchengladbach.
Marcus Steidele
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