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Royal Jordanian Air Force
Royal Jordanian Air Force
al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Malakiya al-Urduniy
Three squadrons of F-16s are located at Shaheed Muwaffaq Al-Salti AB (al-Azraq).
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Amman/Marka (OJAM)
King Abdullah AB
Rwy: 06/24
Pos: 31°58'22"N 035°59'30"E
Elev: 2555ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
3sq Il-76MF
7sq AS332M-1
8sq S-70A-11
14sq EC635T1
15sq Ce208B
25sq Det. AT-802
26sq Mi-26T
The M28 Skytrucks have 3sq registrations but it is to be expected due to the characteristics of this aircraft type that they are operated in the Special Forces/SOCOM roles and responsibilities.
The UH-1H and UH-1N of 8sq are being withdrawn from service in favour of Black Hawks.
In due course 15 squadron will relocate completely to King Abdullah II AB.
In due course this Detachment will relocate completely to King Abdullah II AB.
26sq is derived from the serial "2601" of the first Mi-26T that was delivered to the RJAF. It was wearing the serial "701" until May 2017 so probably they were initially operated by 7sq.
The U.S. are supplying Jordan with Black Hawk helicopters that will replace the under-performing EC635 helicopters. They will form a Quick reaction Force.
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As Shaheed Muwaffaq al Salti AB (OJMS)
Al Azraq
Rwy: 08/26, 13/31
Pos: 31°49'60"N 036°47'02"E
Elev: 1706 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
1sq F-16AM
2sq F-16AM
Thirteen former UAE Air Force Hawk Mk.63s were delivered to Jordan in 2015. They replaced the F-5E and F-5F in the Lead-in Fighter Trainer role of 17sq at H5.
Photo: Anonymous
Hotel Five (H5) (OJHF)
Prince Hassan AB
Rwy: 13/31
Pos: 32°09'37"N 037°08'59"E
Elev: 2220 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
17sq Hawk Mk63
The remaining airworthy F-5s have been sold to an American civil company. 13 Hawks have been acquired from UAE.
The United Arab Emirates are supporting Jordan in the fight against ISIS/Daesh. In 2015, the RJAF received a number of former UAE Air Force Air Tractors that are used in the Counter-Insurgency (COIN) role.
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King Abdullah II AB (OJKA)
Rwy: 13/31
Pos: 32°00'19"N 036°13'26"E
Elev: 2273ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
10sq AH-1F
12sq AH-1F
9sq Falco UAV
S-100 Camcopter UAV
25sq AT-802
9sq is the primary UAV squadron and part of the Prince Hussein II ISR Wing. It used to operate the F-5E and F-5 F from King Feisal bin Abdul Aziz AB (al-Jafr).
10sq and 12sq are operating the AH-1F Cobra helicopters from KA2. An avionics upgrade program started in 2015 so they are expected to be in service for the foreseeable future.
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Mafraq (RJAF) (OJMF)
Rwy: 13/31
Pos: 32°21'18"N 036°15'38"E
Elev: 2240 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
4sq T67M260 (wh c/s)
Grob G120TP
5sq R44-II
11sq C101CC
Flight Instructor School AS350B3
T67M260 (ye c/s)
Grob G120TP
The 5sq AS350B3 Ecureuil helicopters have been transferred to the Flight Instructor School in the process.

5sq operates alongside Golden EAGLE Aviation Academy (GEAA) Robinson R44-II helicopters.
The CASA 101CC is being replaced bij the PC-21. The first Pilatus aircraft arrived in 2017.
The Flight Instructor School operates the Ecureuil helicopters as part of the King Hussein Air College that received a University status in 2015.
Photo: Anonymous
The Robinson R44 Raven II is operated by 5sq in the basic helicopter training role.
Photo: Anonymous
The PC-21 is the ultimate turboprop trainer, the first of which were delivered in 2017.
Stephan Widmer
Rweished (H4) (OJHR)
Hotel Four
Rwy: 10/28
Pos: 32°32'21"N 038°11'40"E
Elev: 3159 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
10/12sq Det. AH-1F
15sq Det. Ce208B
9sq det. CH-4B Rainbow UAV
This detachment is located here for border patrol, together with the Ce208B of 15sq Det.
This detachment is located here for border patrol, together with the AH-1F of 10 and 12sq Dets.
The CH-4B Rainbow UAV's werefirst noted at Zarqa AB but have been permanently located at H4 since.
The Ce208B with the L3 Communications Wescam sensor is a very capable Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance platform and is used for patrolling the borders between Jordan and neighboring Iraq and Syria.
Photo: Anonymous
Zarqa AB
Rwy: 10/28
Pos: 32°01'31"N 036°08'41"E
Elev: 2138 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
9sq det. CH-4B Rainbow UAV
In November 2016 the first Chinese CH4B Cai Hong was seen on satellite imagery. They might have been delivered as early as January 2016. It needs confirmation if they operate under Prince Hussein II ISR Wing but that is to be expected.
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