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Israeli Air Force
Israeli Air Force
Zroa HaAvir VeHahalal (Heyl Ha'Avir)
The latest addition to the Israeli AF fighter force is this F-16I Sufa, based on the F-16D but heavily modified with Israeli-designed systems. Clearly visible are the Conformal Fuel Tanks and the larger 600-gallons underwing fueltanks giving it a unprecendented range, equal to the F-15I Ra'am. Heart of the weapon systems is the AGP-68(V)X Radar, which has a Synthetic Aperture Radar mode, enabling the tracking of ground targets day or night, at any type of weather. It has a Elta satellite communication system for long range communication inside the enlarged spine, next to an advanced electronic warfare systems developed in Israel. Between 2004 and 2009, 102 F-16Is were delivered to the IASF and used for four squadrons.
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Haifa (LLHA)
Rwy: 16/34
Pos: 32°48'30"N 035°02'34"E
Elev: 28ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
- Various
Haifa houses the Technical School and uses many different airplanes, retired or active.

Training of future fighter pilots on the venerable 1960s Tzukit jet had to end. After a long evaluation, a order was placed for twenty T-6A Texan II turboprop-trainers. Delivery started in July 2009, with the aircraft routed through Europe on its way to Hatzerim. This routing included the Belgium airport of Oostende where this picture was taken. In July 2010 the fleet of Efroni's was grounded after a loss-of-control incident during landing at Hatzerim.
Photo: Wim Houquet
Hatzerim (LLHB)
Rwy: 10L/28R, 10R/28L, 32/14
Pos: 31°14'00"N 034°39'45"E
Elev: 725
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
69sq F-15I Ra'am The Hammers Squadron
102sq M346i The Flying Tigers Squadron
107sq F-16I Sufa Knights of the Orange Tail Squadron
123sq S-70A-50 Yanshuf 3
S-70A-55 Yanshuf 3
UH-60A Yanshuf 3
The Southern Bells Squadron
(Flight Training School)
Grob G120A-1 Snunit
T-6A Efroni
OH-58B Saifan
Aerobatic Team T-6A Efroni
102sq retired its A-4N/TA-4H/J AhitM on 13 December 2015.
123sq has regular detachments at Betzet and Haifa (LLHA).
Hatzerim houses the Air Force Museum and a storage area, full of F-4s, Kfirs, Skyhawks and H500s.

With a dire need to replace the Bell212 helicopters, ten US Army surplus UH-60As were delivered in August 1994. First combat use was in April 1996 during operation "Grapes of Wrath" against the Hizbullah in southern Lebanon. More Yanshufs were needed and in 1997 15 newly-built S-70A-50s were ordered and delivered. At this stage 124sq became a all-Yanshuf squadron. In 2000 another 24 Yanshufs were ordered in the S-70A-55 variant. All were added to the inventory of 123sq. Some Yanshufs have been modified externally with long-range tanks and in-flight refuelling probe. All Yanshufs are modified internally with indigious equipment.
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Hatzor (LLHS)
Rwy: 05/23, 11L/29R, 11R/29L.
Pos: 31°45'45"N 034°43'37"E
Elev: 148ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
101sq F-16C-40-CF Barak The First Fighter Squadron
105sq F-16D-40-CF Barak The Scorpion Squadron

Nevatim (LLNV)
Rwy: 15/33, 08L/26R, 08C/26C , 08R/26L.
Pos: 31°12'30"N 035°00'44"E
Elev: 1330ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
116sq Defenders of the South Squadron
140sq F-35i The Golden Eagle Squadron
103sq C-130E Karnaf
C-130H Karnaf
KC-130H Karnaf
C-130J-30 Shimshon
The Elephants Squadron
120sq B707 Phalcon
KC707 Re'em
IAI1124N Shachaf (WFU by jan2017)
The International Squadron
122sq G550 Nanchshon Aitam
G-V Nachshon Shavit
The Dakota Squadron
131sq C-130E Karnaf
C-130H Karnaf
KC-130H Karnaf
The Yellow Bird Squadron
F-16A/B Netz retired 22 May 2015.

The Flying Tigers squadron operated the A-4 AhitM from Hatzerim for advanced IASF Lead-In Fighter Training until December 2015. It has now been replaced by the M346i.
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Ovda (LLOV)
Rwy: 02L/20R, 02R/20L
Pos: 29°56'25"N 034°56'09"E
Elev: 1492ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
115sq F-16C Barak The Flying Dragon Squadron
Ovda has also a storage area with A-4E, A-4H, A-4N, F-4E, Kfir C7, F-15A, CH-53, H500MD/TOW, AH-1 and Tzukit.

Rwy: 03/21, 13/31
Pos: 31°53'52"N 034°41'27"E
Elev: 98ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
124sq S-70A-50 Yanshuf 3
S-70A-55 Yanshuf 3
The Rolling Sword Squadron
166sq Hermes 450 Zik The UAV Squadron
200sq Heron Shoval The First UAV Squadron
124sq has regular detachments at Betzet and Haifa (LLHA).

Ramat David (LLRD)
Rwy: 09/27, 15/33, 11/29
Pos: 32°39'38"N 035°10'05"E
Elev: 185ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
109sq F-16D-30-CF Barak
F-16D-40-CF Barak
The Valley Squadron
110sq F-16C-30-CF (to other sqns mar2017) Knights of the North Squadron
117sq F-16C-30-CF Barak The First Jet Squadron
193sq AS565MA Atalef Defenders of the West Squadron
110sq disbanded on 28 February 2017.

The Israeli AF operates five AS565MA Atalef helicopters on behalf of the Israeli Navy. The helicopters operate from the Israeli navy's missile boats including the new Sa'ar 5 boats. The crew consist of an air force commander and co-pilot but has a Naval Weapon System Operator who also maintains contact with all naval vessels. Operations with the newest vessels is restricted by these older helicopters, replacement by a newer type is on the air force's wish-list.
Photo: Hans Rolink
Ramon (LLRM)
Rwy: 07L/25R, 07R/25L
Pos: 30°46'34"N 034°40'00"E
Elev: 2126ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
113sq AH-64D Saraf The Hornet Squadron
119sq F-16I Sufa The Bat Squadron
190sq AH-64A Peten The Magic Touch Squadron
201sq F-16I Sufa The One Squadron
253sq F-16I Sufa The Negev Squadron

The Israeli AF operates two types of Apache attack helicopters, in different variants, being the AH-64A Peten and the AH-64D Saraf. The latter is shown here at its homebase Ramon. The D-model can be recognized by the radar dome on top of the rotor; this is the AN/APG-78 Longbow millimeter-wave Fire Control Radar. The AH-64D incorporates many Israeli-designed systems and at least nine older AH-64A helicopters are upgraded into this D-model.
Photo: Hans Rolink
Sde Dov / Tel Aviv-Dov Hoz AP (LLSD)
Rwy: 03/21
Pos: 32°06'45"N 034°46'53"E
Elev: 43ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
100sq Beech B200 Zufit 1
Beech B200T Zufit 2
The Flying Camel Squadron
135sq Raytheon A36 Chofit
Beech B200T Zufit 4
Beech B200T Zufit 5
Beech B200CT Zufit 3
RC-12D Kookiyah
RC-12K Kookiyah
The Kings of the Air Squadron

Many variants of the Beech 200 light transporter are in use with the Israeli AF and all are based at Sve Dov. The Beech 200 variants are called Zufit 1-5 while the RC-12 variant are called Kookiyah. Four Zufit-1 and five Zufit-2 aircraft are used for transport, five Zufit-3 are used for IMINT duties while three Zufit-4 are used for maritime patrol. The latter is shown here. The last five Zufit-5 are again used for transport, including two for VIP transport in a white colourscheme, but also for multi-engine training. Five RC-12D and two RC-12K aircraft are used for EW, ELINT, SIGINT and Combat Support duties.
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Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion IAP/Lod (LLBG)
Rwy: 03/21, 08/26, 12/30
Pos: 32°00'41"N 034°53'12"E
Elev: 135
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
IAI has its production line at Ben Gurion IAP, including updates to foreign Kfirs. Besides this, there is a IAI storage line including Kfirs, Skyhawks and MiG-21s. Also, there are still some B707s and C-130s stored.

Tel Nof (LLEK)
Rwy: 18/36, 15L/33R, 15R/33L
Pos: 31°50'22"N 034°49'18"E
Elev: 193
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
106sq F-15B Baz
F-15C Baz
F-15D Baz
The Point of the Spear Squadron
114sq CH-53 2000 Yas'ur
CH-53 2025 Yas'ur
The Night Leaders Squadron
118sq CH-53 2000 Yas'ur
CH-53 2025 Yas'ur
The Nocturnal Birds of Prey Squadron
133sq F-15A Baz
F-15B Baz
F-15D Baz
Knights of the Twin Tail Squadron
210sq Heron TP Eitan The Eitan UAV Squadron
Unit 669 CH-53 2000 Yas'ur
MANAT F-16C-30-CF Barak
F-16D-40-CF Barak
F-16I Sufa
F-15I Ra'am
Unit 669 is also known as the Air Force Aeromedical Rescue and Evacuation Unit.
MANAT stands for Flight Test Center (FTC), formerly known as 601sq.

The Israeli AF is faced with a diversity of adversaries, including hostile nations and terrorist organizations at a distance. To cope with these threats, the air force is equipped and trained for long-range warfare. The assault helicopter for these missions is the CH-53 Yas'ur which can be refueled in air. One mission included the rescue of stranded Israeli sailers form a yacht near the coast of Sudan. The first CH-53 arrived in 1969 and many followed afterwards. In 1997 all had been updated to the Yas'ur 2000 variant while at the moment another extensive upgrade knwon as Yas'ur 2025 is in progress extending its service life until 2025.
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