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Czech Air Force
Czech Air Force
Vzdušné síly armády České republiky
Ministerstvo vnitra ČR
In 1996 the Czech Air Force made an exchange deal with the Polish Air Force with the former transferring it ten retired MiG-29s to Poland receiving eleven new PZL W-3A Sokols in exchange. Originally four Sokols were configured as utility helicopters with the other helicopters operating in the Search and Rescue and Medevac role. From mid 2007 onwards three of the latter received a striking red/white colour scheme which is more suitable for its role than the camouflage scheme.
Photo: Jurgen van Toor
Praha/Ruzyne (LKPR)
Rwy: 06/24, 13/31
Pos: 50°06'03"N 014°15'36"E
Elev: 1247 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type Badge

Letecka Sluzba Policie Bell 412HP
Bell 412EP
In the past the fleet was dispersed over a number of locations. Today the only detachement is at Brno.

Czech Air Force
Vzdušné síly armády České republiky
Vzdušné síly AČR
Cáslav (LKCV)
Rwy: 14/32
Pos: 49°56'23"N 015°22'55"E
Elev: 794 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type Badge
21.Základna Taktického Letectva (21.zTL) JAS-39C
JAS-39D L-159A

213.LOLT was established on 1 January 2005 out of the 217.LOZ which was disbanded the previous day. The unit is responsible for maintenance on various aircraft types.
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Out of 72 L-159's received from 2000 onwards only 24 or so remain in service. These are all being operated by 212. tacticka letka at Čáslav with the remainder being in storage at various locations. In mid 2006 it was announced that four L-159As would be converted to L-159T1 trainers. They were delivered in 2007 followed by two others in 2010. Two of the L-159T1s and four L-159As were part of a barter deal with EADS to pay for one C195M.
Photo: Jurgen van Toor
Kbely (LKKB)
Rwy: 06/24
Pos: 50°07'17"N 014°32'37"E
Elev: 939 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type Badge
24.Základna Dopravního Letectva (24.zDL)

241.dlt A319-115X

242.tsl L-410FG

243.vrl Mi-8PS9

Námest (LKNA)
Náměšť (Námest nad Oslavou)
Rwy: 13/31
Pos: 49°09'57"N 016°07'30"E
Elev: 1549 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type Badge
22.Základna Letectva (22.zL)

221.lbvr Mi-24V
Mi-35 L-39ZA
The 32.Tactická Letka retired its last Su-25 Frogfoots in December 2000 and took delivery of its first L-159 ALCA's on 10 May 2001. The 321.TPzLt's last ten Su-22 Fitters were withdrawn from use in april 2002 after which the squadron converted to the L-159A ALCA. The 32.zTL gained some L-39C from the disbanded 341.VLt at Pardubice in 2003. The Samostatny Vrtulnikovy Roj operating two Mi-17's was disbanded during the late 90's. A dramatic event took place during 2003 when it was decided to close the base as a frontline fighter base and retire the majority of the brand-new L-159s. After the last ALCAs left in November 2003 the sole remaining squadron received all the L-39ZAs in the Czech AF inventory. The base was destined to become the mail helicopter base whith the helicopters from Přerov moving in from 2007. This decision was altered and only the Hinds took up residence in the summer of 2008

The training aircraft on this picture is an Aero L39C Albatros. Aero Vodochody built massive numbers of this jet trainer mainly for the Soviet Air Force which acquired over 2000. About fifteen were operated by the 341.VLt at Pardubice when the unit disbanded in early 2003 of which eight were refurbished with new fuselages in the late 90's . Some aircraft were transferred to 4.zTL at Čáslav and 32.zTL at Náměšt nad Oslavou. Today the aircraft is only operated by the Air Training Center at Pardubice.
Photo: Radim Spalek
Pardubice (LKPD)
Rwy: 09/27
Pos: 50°00'48"N 015°44'19"E
Elev: 741 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type Badge
Centrum leteckého výcviku LOM s.p.

EV-97 Eurostar
Zlin 142C-AF
Pardubice was closed in late 2003 following the disbanding of the resident units. Of the inventory of 341.VLt, the L-29 was withdrawn from use. The units L-39C's were dispersed between the 4.zTL at Čáslav and 32.zTL at áměšt nad Oslavou. The 342.VLt relocated to Přerov where it was redesignated at the 'Vycvikovy Roj' training flight). The An-26Z, An-30 and L-410 aircraft as well as the Mi-17's of 343.DPzLt relocated to Kbely where they became part of the based 6.zDL. The sole remaining Mi-8PPA was transferred to 33.zVrLt at Přerov.
In March 2004 the Air Training Center was established here with Letecke Opravovne Malecice being the main contractor.

The JAS-39 Gripen has replaced the ageing MiG-21s. The fourteen Gripens are on lease and are based at Cáslav.
Photo: Radim Spalek
Plzen/Line (LKLN)
Rwy: 06/24
Pos: 49°40'27"N 013°16'17"E
Elev: 1188 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type Badge

243.vrl SAR det. W-3A

After retiring the Mi-2's and Mi-8's from operational service at the beginning of the century the Letecká služba Policie ČR is now equipped with five Bell 412s and two Bo105s. The first of eight new EC-135s was delivered in December 2003.
Photo: Joos van der Burgt
Prerov (LKPO)
Rwy: 07/25
Pos: 49°25'33"N 017°24'17"E
Elev: 676 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type Badge
22.Základna Letectva (22.zL)

231.vrl Mi-17
The helicopter base in Prerov, previously known as the 33.zVrL underwent several reorganisations since its establishment in 1994. The Mi-2s were withdrawn from service in the late 90's along with a number of Mi-24Ds of which the last examples were completely withdrawn during 2004. The unit received the first of sixteen new Mi-35s during 2003 and the first of sixteen Mi-171s in early 2005. The new helicopters are part of the payment of Soviet debts to the Czech Republic. Prerov, was slated for closure in 2007 after the resident 23.zVrL was due to relocated to Námest nad Oslavou . The decision was however reverted in late 2007. The base was retained for another six years and only the Mi-24/Mi-35 squadron made the move to Námest nad Oslavou in the summer of 2008. The Mi-171s finally followed in September 2013. Prerov was closed in late 2013.

A total of 62 Mi-24 Hinds were delivered during the eighties. Sixteen Mi-24D, twenty Mi-24V and one Mi-24DU were retained after the splitup of the Czechoslovak Republic on 1st January 1993. The last Mi-24Ds were retired in 2004. By 2010 six of the original Mi-24Vs remained and those were initially joined by seven new built Mi-24Vs in 2003 followed by ten Mi-35s in 2005/2006. The Hinds serve with the 221.lbvr of the 22.Základna Letecktva at Námest nad Oslavou. The helicopter on this picture is a Mi-35 delivered in April 2005. The Mi-35 is the export version of the Mi-24V.
Photo: Tomas Sousek
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