Scramble 457 - June 2017

Scramble 457 contains a lot of news and this month two articles:

Aircraft recognition - Bizprops part III

We continue our trilogy and this month the final instalment on how to recognize the various bizprops flying around. This month will cover aircraft built by Myasishchev to Wolfsberg-Evektor.

DHJA’s Magister Magic: F-GLHF is back !

After almost four years of inactivity, Dutch Historic Jet Association-owned Fouga Magister F-GLHF took to the air again from its homebase Lelystad airport on Friday 5 May. Scramble's very own Gert Jan Mentink was present to cover the event!

Our monthly returning topics:

* Movements and trips of the Netherlands, Belgium & the rest of the world, both civil and military

* The latest news, both civil and military

* Updates on the world's aircraft fleets, civil and military

* Aircraft mishaps in Dustpan & Brush

* Wrecks & Relics

* Warbirds

* Scramble Intelligence Service

* Showreports

* Triptease


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