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FREE PREVIEWWhen you subscribe to Scramble Magazine you can be sure that the loud "boink" in your mailbox each month will be the new editon of Scramble Magazine. Each Scramble, averaging about 144 pages, will contain a wealth of information about both military and civil aviation with a wide range of subjects from movements, database updates and news.
We also offer a subscription to a digital version of the same issues that can be read on about any PC, tablet and smartphone

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With a subscribers to the digital or printed version of Scramble you also have access to 'Subscribers Only' sections on our message board (see the information on our Message Board for more details).

For starting a subscripton on the digital edition of Scramble Magazine, see Pocketmags or visit the App store or Google play store and search for "Scramble" Note that issue 400 is free of charge!

As we are an organisation of about 50 volunteers with a passion for aviation you can expect quality for a good price. Also, there’s a € 7.50 discount for the 2-year subscription.

When you proceed to order the printed version please choose the correct subscription and way of payment. You can pay via Paypal (you will be re-directed to the Paypal site) or choose offline payment to pay via IBAN.

For IBAN payment please use the following IBAN number: NL95 INGB 0005 4850 18 BIC: INGBNL2A attn.: Sticht Dutch Aviation Society Scramble Abonnementen.


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